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Beginning my BBQ enthusiasm in the early 1980's in Georgia, USA, I learned the techniques and styles associated with Southern style BBQ. From open pits to smokers, I became an expert at Southern style BBQ, providing not only beef, pork and chicken for large events, but traditional Southern side dishes as well.  


I believe a true Pit Master should not put sauce on the meat before getting it to the customer. Not only are sauces a sense of pride and should be tried in various flavors, but to truly enjoy a good BBQ piece of meat you should not have it covered in sauce before you have tried it. I have created 5 sauces for you to try with my BBQ and hope that you find the perfect taste you are seeking.

In addition to BBQ, I fell in love with Dutch Oven cooking starting when I was just a Boy Scout. The style of cooking and experience with Dutch ovens holds a special place in my heart.


After moving to Montana in 2001, my wife Paula and I began my road to becoming a Pit Master by traveling to local, state, and regional competitions. Along the way, I conquered the various regional BBQ techniques throughout the U.S. 


Paula and I started our restaurant in 2007 in Hamilton, MT. Since then, Moose Creek BBQ has been a family operation. Paula runs the front of house and sells her homemade banana bread and jams. Eric, my son, is the main Chef and works the back of house. We have several other staff, and are proud to be hard working, local owners.

when we are open, there is always a family member here. 

We moved our location in January 2020 to HWY 93 at the corner of Kootenai Creek Road, just North and West of the town of Stevensville. 


Our new location is in the Lucky Lil's Casino Complex, with over half the building dedicated to the restaurant, and with its own entrances, the new restaurant can seat over 30 guests. 

My family would love to have you as our guests to have some authentic Southern style BBQ and dishes. 

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